My he(ART) in in Havana <3

Cartas De Cuba – Letters From Ohio


As an artist, there's nothing quite like the feeling of seeing your work displayed in a new and exciting setting. Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to showcase my artwork in Havana, Cuba - a city known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and thriving arts scene.

From the moment I arrived in Havana, I was struck by the city's energy and vitality. The streets were bustling with people, music, and color, and there was an unmistakable sense of creativity and passion in the air.

The exhibition was held at a local shop that specializes in contemporary art, and printmaking and I was thrilled to be able to display my piece alongside the work of other talented artists from around the Cuba and Ohio. The gallery itself was a wonderful space, with high ceilings, white walls, and plenty rum was flowing.

In addition to the exhibition itself, I was also able to explore the city and soak up the local culture. From visiting art museums and galleries to experiencing the music and dance of the streets, every moment in Havana was a feast for the senses.

Overall, my experience showing my artwork in Havana was an unforgettable one. It was an incredible opportunity to connect with a new audience and to be inspired by the rich cultural heritage of this amazing city. I left feeling energized, inspired, and grateful for the opportunity to share my creativity with people of Cuba.

The artwork shown is in response to who has very quickly become one of my favorite artist, that just happens to be in Cuba.  The painting I purchased my bar is one of my favorites in my expansive collection of artworks.  I wrote this to the artist Yacel in hopes to do give him a painting of my work because he has brought so much joy to my home.  Unfortunately I didn't realized that I would see him on this trip, so I didn't have art with me.  Next time....